On the Banks of Broken Worlds

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  • Available in these sizes, including a border for easy framing
    • Print size: 22" x 22.5"--Printed Area: 20" x 20"
  • Framed with FSC-certified Wood in Painted Black 
    • Print size: 19.7" x 19.7--Total Frame Size: 20.6" x 20.6" 
  • Print signed & numbered
  • Comes with a signed & numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Printed on acid-free, archival cotton Photo Rag 308 gsm Giclée paper
  • Guaranteed archival life of 100+ years
  • Carbon neutral, sustainable production, packaging and shipping
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Customer Reviews

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Peggy Hershell
On the Banks of Broken Worlds

I’m finally finishing this review for this amazing print that you sent me. I don’t often tell this, but I feel like I should give the whole story.
In the early seventies, I moved in with a "male parent” before high school. He was a stranger to me, and turned out to be an incest pedophile. They didn’t tell about this
kind of shit in school back then. So I told my stepmom, who I really liked. This caused problems with them. Then after a couple weeks, one day the stupid bitch was screaming at me and blaming me! I guess he figured he was out of the woods, and it got worse. Much worse. I eventually graduated and packed up and got out. I figured I was tough and could put it behind me. So I lived my life, married (a few times), had kids, etc. And I never told a soul.
Fast forward to 2010. I’m now 52. There were a couple other bad things going on, like a spouse who I swear was demon possessed. So I rented a hotel room, bolted the door, and took a really big amount of pills. I have fibromyalgia and had it then, so I had prescriptions. Plus valium from an Obgyn, and vicodin from a rotator cuff surgery. All full bottles. In the morning when they broke down the door, I was actually alive, barely. This was in Canton, Ohio, where I’m from. I was at one of their hospitals for a week. Then they sent me in the helicopter up to Cleveland Clinic. I was unconscious the entire time. I stayed there in a coma for almost a month. I gradually woke up. I was still there for a couple weeks more. I had to relearn some shit like spelling and math. Doctors all said I should have died, and at the least been brain damaged. They said they didn’t believe in miracles, but I was one.
So the next year (2011), you painted this amazing work of art! I’m not a fucking kook, but I swear I walked through your painting the year before you painted it!
So, back to 2010. At first I remembered nothing, and I have to guess at some of these time frames. Maybe 3 years later I started having glimpses of that beautiful yellow-orange, with the tinges of that same green at the edges. And it seemed familiar. I experienced the same thing sometime later, too.
And then came the dream. In the dream, I was walking on that strip of black earth (If indeed it is earth). So on the painting, is it more water on the other side of the black land? Because that’s how I saw it. It was about the width of a one lane road, with banks on either side. l don’t remember a tree, but I know it wasn’t just a strip of land with nothing on it. The air was thick and humid, and there was a faint dripping sound. I didn’t go walking or anything.
I kinda just stood there, taking it all in. I had this dream a couple times.
So fast forward to a couple years ago. I was on Pinterest looking at art
and saving the ones I really liked. And there it was! I didn’t make the connection at first, but I was totally mesmerized! Talk about deja vu! So of course I had it saved too. Then, maybe just a year ago, I was looking at all my saved Pinterest stuff, and BAM! There it was! And I knew immediately why it was so familiar. So I began searching online for the print, but it wasn’t for sale anywhere. I searched for a few days. Then that’s when I contacted you, and I am so glad I did!
This is probably the longest review you’ve ever gotten. I tried to keep it brief. I do have a couple questions. Looking back now, can you think of anything that prompted you to paint this back then? And then also,
who or what is the white character sitting on the bank? I like to think it’s me! For years now, I’ve always had the feeling that I just don’t belong anywhere. I accept the fact that my legal guardian fucked up my life. I think a person who goes through that shit can’t be normal. Oh, I did finally tell it! Anyway, I like to think that the white figure is me! So maybe it symbolizes that it’s a place where I can belong. Isolated and alone.
Anyway, this painting really means a lot to me. You maybe don’t realize the magic it has for me. Omg, it is so beautiful! I totally love it! 🖤🖤🖤
Thank you for making this happen for me! You really went out of your way to get this, and I appreciate it. You are so talented!