So I heard the world’s supposed to end in 2012 according to the Aztec calender or something…. oh wait, just checked and it’s the Mayan calender. Whew, almost blew it there. Anyways, not sure if I’m ready for all that mayhem… it’s only four years away! That’s like going to college, but at the end of four years you don’t get a diploma, instead you get a comet in the face, or an alien death ray and everyone dies or explodes or something world-ending like that. I told my sister I’m part of an alien species that’s here to scope out all the sensible people in the world and leave all the fundamentalist nutbags here to enact out Revelations chapter by chapter… god knows they’ve been patiently waiting for it. Wow, come to think of it, that would be almost the opposite of Rapture. But she’s extremely frightened of aliens so I think she’d rather stay in Armageddon… that’s just crazy. We’ll get her to come with us.
There are a lot of really amusing end of the world scenarios out there. Like the one called the Singularity theory where ground breaking discoveries and inventions are made in rapidly spiraling succession until at the end, like 30 major breakthroughs are made in one second and it propels humankind into a new realm of enlightenment! Or something like that. What an orgy of technology and innovation that will be in that final second of human existence! Can imagine that last group of scientists together going nuts?? “Woah! Look what I – Look what you- Woah!! Wooooah!” FLASH! Then after that, who knows? Some say we reach a new plane of understanding with the universe and burst into light beams, or we meld with our computers and evolve with technology into a whole new species. i dont’t know… but I kind of like having a body. But this isn’t supposed to happen until around 2030 so I’ll probably be old and broken by then. Fuck it. I’ll live in a computer or bust into stardust. I just hope to get at least one robotic limb before I go.

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