Commission Reborn

Together in Love and Wonder UF

Together in Love and Wonder

I started this piece as a commission last June, but we ended up going in a different direction with the piece around halfway through it. When I do commissions, I discuss themes, aesthetics, and previous pieces that were liked, and I never really do sketches. Over the several commissions I’ve done, I usually nail it in this regard. Plus I love the reveal when the piece has been a mystery in the making. Exciting for everyone! But now and again, things don’t shape up they way the collector envisioned, and a new direction must be made. Which is fine by me, because I want the person getting the commission to be completely in love with the piece that was made for specifically for them. Plus, I had another piece in the works that I was totally into, and I knew it would be finished one day. Winners all around!

So I put this piece aside, and ended up nailing the commission with the next piece, which ended up being Our Wondrous Journey

Our Wondrous Journey

Our Wondrous Journey

Fist pump. Over the last year, I’ve been working on the former commission intermittently when I could, and I finally finished it a week ago. As you can tell with the Our Wondrous Journey piece, this commission was for a family, so that was the main theme for me. I really wanted to capture the beauty and wonder of sharing life with a family. 

This piece is now in my web store, and I hope it finds its way to another happy family.

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