New Prints

So I’ve added a couple new prints to our shop. Just in time for the holidays if you want to surprise that special someone with a sexy and thoughtful gift to open on that sheepskin rug by the fireplace. Oh man, you’ll thank me later. (hi-five) Ben has also posted a new print in our Shop O’ Wonders. Check ’em out.

and here’s Ben’s new Print… he’s a sick man I think. Not because of this piece, just in general.

So you can click any of the images to shoot on over to our shop or you can click here if you want to be difficult:

Go to Kehoe Shop the Difficult Way

Awesome, besides that I’m going to be putting a piece into the “Fight for Flight” group show at ThinkSpace opening January 4th 2008. Holy cow… 2008. It benefits the Animal Protection Institute and it’s right in time to celebrate National Bird Day. Sweet! I didn’t even know there was a National Bird Day but I’m liking it… what other days are out there I don’t know about? National Wombat Day would be nice. National Drink Bourbon and Hear What an Idiot You Were The Next Day Day. Always a good one. National Sidney Crosby Day. Oh yeah! Now we’re talking.

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