Resin Print Summer Update

Relish Moments of Glory - Resin Prin

I started making these resin prints back in early 2014, but a couple huge shows rolled in and ended up consuming my existence for most of the year. I ended up finishing the Roamer of the Subterranean Forest resin prints, which sold out, but I never got around to finishing up the other ones, Relish Moments of Glory.

After the art making madness of 2014 cooled down, I started getting back to them and finally finished over half of them. I ended up painting the frames with a nice, bluish gray instead of staining them, so they look a little different this time around. I’m going to have 7 to sell through my Etsy store next week, and then there are 5 more to finish after that. And after those 5 are done, I’m pretty sure I’ll never be making these again. I love the way they turned out, and I love having this great blend of print and original painting, but painting the same thing over and over isn’t for me. So get them while you can!

The resin prints are 16″ x 16″ and they’ll be selling for $650. There are 12 more left out of the limited edition of 15. 

In case you need a refresher, here’s my original blog post of the resin prints.

Also, if you want to reserve one, you can email me at:


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