Holiday Flurries

Happy holidays everyone! The first flurries of the year are hitting Pittsburgh just as my flurry of holiday print orders is dying down. Whew. Thanks so much and I hope all prints meant for presents get there on time and bring tears of joy to your loved ones. There had better be tears.

Revel in the Wild Joy Offset Print

I just got some prints from Jonathan LeVine Gallery in today to sell in my Etsy store. They are a little late to the game for the holidays. Although if I get the order out by Monday or Tuesday, there is a good shot to get it there if you’re in the U.S.
The prints are of Revel in the Wild Joy. They are larger than my usual prints. 24″ x 24″ image size and 26″ x 26″ print size. They are offset lithograph prints instead of giclée prints and they are fantastic looking. Since they are larger than my Giclée prints, I’ll have to ship them through shipping tubes. But since they are offset prints, they are a hardier lot and will be fine… and they won’t take a year to flatten out which is nice.
Check out my Etsy store for more info.

Have a great holiday! Put on some awful sweaters and drink some eggnog. Sing if you must.

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