It’s starting to feel 2010ish

First blog entry of the decade. This is monumental. So far this decade has been pretty low key. After the madness of New Years, I’ve been hiding out from the Portland rain, painting and watching Deadwood for the millionth time… love that show. Year by year I feel less inclined to go out and hang out with other human beings. If this doesn’t improve, I’ll be chasing people off my land in my long johns. At least I’ll finally get to use my rifle.

My show at Thinkspace was a great time. I spent most of the week in LA setting up my installation and playing Mortal Kombat with Michael Hsiung. I created a character on the game named DangerGuy and he brought the pain and vanquished many foes. Michael is also a blogster of Fecal Face so you can see photos of the show here.

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Here – – Fecal Face

Of course it rained the night of the opening and since it only rains 2 times a year in Los Angeles, people tend to stay indoors. It’s weird that every time I visit LA it decides to rain. And by weird I mean fucking stupid. But I gotta say that the turn out was still awesome and the opening was a blast!

I’m working on a couple pieces for the Jonathan LeVine 5th year anniversary show that’s opening on February 27th. I got some cheap plane tickets and I’ll be attending the opening for sure. Can’t miss this one! Come out and celebrate if you’re in New York and feel like celebrating. Besides that, I got a couple commissions in the works and a new print design for BLDG on the way. Looks like I might have some open time during the middle of the year, so if anyone is looking for a commission, this is primo commissioning time for me.

Since the economy fucking blows, I’m releasing 3 small 8″ x 8″ prints for $35 in my Etsy store. I’m also cutting down the edition sizes of my prints to 35 to get them up and moving so I can plug new ones in faster and in exciting fashion. Here’s 2 of them.

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